Thursday, April 10, 2008

whoa! Basho!

oh. my. gosh.

so here i am, in Japan (!!) visiting my friend Pat (he's getting married - congratulations Pat!), and it happened again - like a blast of really weird shivery light from the blue - psychotic connection!

Psychotic connections feel weird because, well, it doesn't really feel like it's a psychotic connection until afterwards, when you realize what it is... I mean, at the time, it just feels like, "hey, why don't i just say that weird thought that crossed my mind. ho hum. why not? ... blah blah blah..." But then later it feels like:

"What?!!! What did i just say?!! How did that happen?!! Then: oh. my. gosh."

Anyway, so here is the story. Jess and I had taken a trip together down to Kyoto (which is one of the cities that's totally packed with shrines and temples and castles - all made of wood. To look at them is to feel like a samurai, by the way), and we had a long wait for a train. I had left my book in a different bag, so I didn't have anything to read except Japanese stuff (which i can't make much sense of, to be honest), and signs like "Enter," "Exit," and "Kumara." Anyway, I'm sitting there, bored, and I can't beat box because i don't feel like wondering if i'm freaking out the old Japanese lady. So I'm bored.

Jess is reading the guidebook, and I start wondering...

---aaron's mental process at that moment---
"You know sometimes, if you read prose like you're reading poetry, it actually sounds pretty good, especially if you just skip around and read random phrases. Maybe jess will entertain me with that until the train comes."

Mind you, this is a new thought for me, I've never actually read "prosetry" like that before! (How about that, I just made up a word! You can use it if you want.)

So I say to Jess, "Hey, do you think you could read me some sweet sweet poetry out of that guidebook?"

Jess immediately, (like instantaneous not missing a beat instantly) responds,
Traveler's heart
never settled long in one place
like a portable fire
and I'm like, "What?! she really did it, that was awesome!" But that's not the weird part.

The weird part is that that was actually the next lines of text she was reading in the guidebook!!! Apparently, she was reading a sidebar on Basho, and had - at that exact instant - arrived at that sample of his poetry. For her, it was just like switching from reading silently in her head, to reading aloud. Whoa!

I should tell you that the Basho sidebar is actually in a separate section of the guidebook from where we were headed. We were going to a hot spring, and she was reading in the 'arts' section of the book for no apparent reason cause we never even went to see any arts. Say what?!!? That's right!

So how did this happen?

Apparently Jessica and I have a psychotic connection. In the future I'll have to look out for other psychotic connections that also involve poetry or reading.


But wait! There's more! I'm not done with this one yet!

Speaking of reading, I had another weird one when I was logging on to blogger. I forgot my password... (oh no! not again! ha ha ha, right?) and was trying to think of it, when i noticed the confirmation code that I was supposed to type in (you know, the one they put in squiggledy letters so that evil internet people can't break into my blog). Do you know what it said? It said -
i thought this was weird because, you know, some people shorten the 'psychotic' part of Psychotic Connection to just saying 'psi', so it was weird to see that as a part of the confirmation code.

Also, 'Blarg' is just like the word 'blog,' just a bit different. hmmm. and what else? oh man, this is weird too!!

I just googled for a definition of 'blarg', and guess what I got...
"An utterance of complete bafflement"
How weird is that! I mean, not only was I kind of 'baffled' when I searched for the definition, but also, that's the way it feels when you get a 'psi'. (or as I like to call it, a 'psychotic connection.')

whoa! maybe i've also got a psychotic connection with blogger's confirmation code generator? that would be really strange. I don't really know what to do with that info.


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