Monday, April 28, 2008


So I'm walking out of this delicious ice-cream parlor in Berkeley, called Ici. I'm with my friend Jason, and I turn to Jason to say, we should really impart our wisdom to this line here (there's always a line at Ici - it's that good!).

If you know me, you know that that's a pretty strange thing for me to do. I'm actually mostly reserved with people I don't know, but somehow this time I had an impulse - I had to share - and it's not like I was drunk at all!

It was almost like I had a 'bicameral mind', in the Julian James sense, if you know what I mean. There was an impulse from beyond and 'I' obeyed. The gods told me to speak my truth to the line outside of Ici, and I said unto the line: "Don't bother with the Meyer lemon, as it is not so hot tonight, but the rhubarb rose is on fire!!!!"

I said this to a guy I had never met before, but then I looked slightly to his right... and BANG!!!


For those of you who don't know, Nicole Tesson is a high-school friend of my sister Alicia, (and is dating Michael Levinson). She lives in St. Louis, and so had no business being in Berkeley on a Saturday night (well, okay, i guess she was at a pilates instructor conference or something...).

I know what you're thinking, c'mon aaron, your standards are slipping, that's just a weird coincidence, not a psychotic connection. I would agree with you, except that Nicole then said, "That's so weird. I was just telling my friends about your dad, and Alicia just called me!"

Whatawhata whata!?!? Yes, we got the shivers then! I asked her how often Alicia calls, and Nicole confirmed that it's not that often. And for her to be talking about my dad... wow! That's pretty cool - although I have to admit it's not as totally weird as it might seem to you because Michael, her boyfriend, does work for my dad.

Anyhow, it's still damn weird. I think i might have a psychotic connection with .... um... rhubarb? Nicole Tesson? Hmmm. Maybe it's after I eat ice cream! (if only it was that easy! and delicious!)

Anyway, so this one makes me think more about the feeling that you get when you're about to get a psychotic connection. For me it's a very impulsive feeling. It's kind of a strange sensation, like, "Well, I don't usually do this, but what the hell!" There's definitely a 'seize the day' sort of vibe to it. It's very non-analytical, no thinking, just doing. It's like a glancing blow off of the forehead. It's a surprise, and it doesn't hurt, but it leaves you feeling rattled and relieved.

Another feature of the psychotic connection is that it's sometimes not exactly on target, but it's still eerie. Like in this case, I didn't turn directly to Nicole Tesson. Instead, I got an impulse to tell her friend about rhubarb ice cream (the guy who I told about the rhubarb ice-cream was in her group). So I wonder, was the psychotic part mostly on her end?

In some way you could say so, because she was the one talking to her friends about my family right when I showed up... on the other hand, it does take two to tango!


Blogger kate said...

I can sort of continue the chain of weirdness. I just sat down to start looking at schools around SF (but got distracted by my RSS feeds and so ended up reading blog posts), am eating rhubarb cake, and Nicole Tesson's family lives next door to my parents (where I'm temporarily staying) -- her dad is in the yard outside my window right now.


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