Thursday, April 10, 2008

Basho number two

And no, potty-brain, that title doesn't mean that I found a petrified Basho turd or something, sheesh! Look where people's minds go sometimes! How would I prove that anyway??!! (look I found this petrified turd! and it's Basho's!!! i swear!)

Anyhoo! The title to this blog post means I had some other thoughts on the Basho psychotic connection I just had. It has nothing to do with petrified turds.

The question I've been thinking about is: what would have happened if I hadn't said anything or asked Jessica to read me 'sweet, sweet poetry'?

A part of me thinks that she would have read that poem aloud anyway. You know, that's the sort of thing that, when you come to it in a guidebook, it just prompts you to suddenly read things aloud anyway. Like, "Hey, this is cool, listen to this!"

I bet she would have read it aloud anyway, and in that case, I would have been like, "What! I was just about to ask you to read me sweet sweet poetry!" It would have been flipped around, but i would still have been flipped out!

You know, in some way that would have been just as weird, wouldn't it? I mean, if we're fair and logical about it. Right? But I think in reality, we would have said, "Nah! that's no psychotic
connection!" And the reason for that? We're lame.

OK, jk, jk!! that's not why, but i think the reason has something to do with having the words out first. I mean, somebody standing next to us when I said 'read me some sweet, sweet poetry" could have, you know, verified, or something, that it was really weird that jess was reading random Basho at that moment.

I mean, if jess read the Basho, and then I was like, "OM gosh that's so weird blah blah blah", that somebody standing next to us would just totally roll their eyes at me and be like, "Sure you did butty! i'm SO SURE you were thinking that." (but they would say that in a sarcastic way
- maybe you can't tell from the caps on 'so sure'. you know, they'd say it louder and like "SOOOO SHUUUURE" - like that.)

Anyway, even though logically it's still a psychotic connection whether or not I said something first or Jess read the Basho out loud first, somehow it's better for Sarcastic Man if he can lean over Jess's shoulder and see that she was reading Basho. Unfortunately he can't lean over my brain, and see that I was thinking about "sweet sweet poetry".

What i'm saying is, you know, what really makes a 'psychotic connection' truly psychotic? Is it one that's really weird? Or is it one that the sarcastic guy won't roll his eyes at, but will instead pretend to be interested in, and he'll say its weird but then he'll never really want to think about it. And maybe in a year he'll pretend it was coincidence. (to Mr. Sarcastic, i want to say this: You can run, but you can't hide, butty!)

Anyway, my point is this, sometimes I don't write down on this blog (or blarg! ha ha ha) the ones that happen but where i think Mr. Sarcastic would roll his eyes. But in reality, they're just as strange, aren't they? Maybe I should write those not-quite-objectinve ones here more. What do you think?

Cuz i mean, who are you going to trust? Me? Or somebody you've never met but who is 'objectinve??' (and probably sarcastic too - sheesh!)


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