Friday, October 05, 2007

my sister knew that I was thinking about France

get a load of this, guys.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my sister, and she brought up a friend of mine who is now living in France. While we were chatting, my mind was wandering a bit, I have to admit, and I was thinking about ...

... the friend of mine, who lives in France - let's call him Roberto. Roberto was being visited by another friend of mine - and let's call him Joe. Joe tried to get me and Jess to go with him to visit Roberto. He tried to convince us (like, three times!) but jess didn't have enough vacation days, and I just didn't feel like I really had the luxury of pleasure-travel at this moment. Anyway, we declined. It's kind of been an issue for me, because suddenly I don't feel much like I need to "see the world". I'm feeling like a homebody, but I don't really understand it much, and neither does jess.

Anyway, my mind was wandering, and I was wondering - I bet Joe is in France with Roberto right now.

Suddenly Alicia blurted out - "HEY. I thinK YOu ANd JesSica need to travEl AbroAd toGETHher!!! THAt wouLD be pERFect!! YOU've NEveR tRaveLEd tOGether. You SHOuld Go to FRancE!!!"

I was like, "oh, whatever, we can't, blah blah blah" but she was really adamant, which surprised the dickens out of me.

And I was like, "you're just messing with me because we passed up the Joe thing".

And she was like, "WHat JoE ThiNg?!"

When I told her, it was like - BAM!!!

psychotic connection. I swear my sister somehow picked up on my wandering thoughts and then fed my regrets right back to me on a plate! Yikes.

Sure, if you're a skeptic, you'd be like, "Well, your sister knew that 'Roberto' was in France, right? It's just logical that she would pick right now to adamantly insist that you go visit him."

To which I would say, "well, maybe."

Then I would defensively add, "but really, my sister has never said anything about me traveling before. And it was weird how sudden and adamant she was."

then i'd mumble, "maybe you had to be there, but it WAS pretty psychotic."

I wish i was in France right now on a boat with my friends.