Saturday, August 25, 2007

mouse dreams -

One morning, I woke up and I had had this very vivid dream about a family of mice. I've forgotten most of it now, but I do remember that the mice were nice, they were somehow in danger, but they were also being protected. I have an image of them wrapped up in a pile of flannel blankets. Anyway, what the dream was really doesn't matter. What was weird was that Jessica said she had also had a dream with mice in it that same night! WOW!

At the time we were both still tired, and so it was like, "mrrrmrm, mrrm m rm, psychotic connection... snore!"

Only later in the day did it get weird, cuz Luka (our kitten) caught a mouse! He's caught mice before, but i don't recall ever having a mouse dream before. Weird, hunh?!

Jessica and I not only have a psychotic dream connection, but we also have a psychotic connection with what our cat is going to do that day! Cool!