Wednesday, March 22, 2006

more crossword utter madness!

this one is really weird. The skeptics could say it's not really a psychotic connection, that it's just the subconscious working in weird ways, but I could say: "fooey".

We had a crossword clue that neither one of us had any idea about: The Beatles' "_____ Fell". (we don't really listen to the Beatles). But when jess went to the bathroom, jess started singing a song in her head:

when i give my heart to you
i must be sure from the very start
because I couldn't stand the pain (or something like that)

we got to the end of the puzzle, the last open box was the "f" in the three letter "ifi" that was the title of the Beatles' song: "IF I FELL"!!!!

Which was the song that Jessica was singing!!! (we just looked it up!)

the really funny thing is that we finally got the final "f" using the cross clue instead, so we never even understood the "IF I FELL" thing until we had filled it in. Neither one of us can remember that as a song title we were familiar with. That's the really weird part about Jessica suddenly getting those song lyrics in her head. The lyrics she remembered didn't even have the title phrase in it. she was really surprise when we finally put the last "f" in. she said:

"Oh my god! I think that's the song I was just singing in the bathroom!"

i think jessica has a psychotic connection with 60s pop culture.