Wednesday, February 22, 2006

mylar and trident

Jessica and I had never discussed mylar before tonight, but as we put the frozen pizza in the oven, she mentioned Bill's balloons (which were outside at Bill's car, not really staring us in the face or anything), wondering if he had bought new ones. I said, "No, those mylar ones stick around for a long time."

Less than half an hour later, for the first time we'd seen it in a crossword puzzle, there it was: "13. across - Polyester sheets" MYLARS! damn!

It seems Will Shortz and I have a psychotic connection!

Less convincingly, because it was a thought, not something I said out loud, and because I was off-target:

While doing the same crossword puzzle, the word "trident" came to my head just as Jessica mused about the roman name for Poseidon. If I had said "Neptune" that would have been right, but instead I said "trident", which was the clue (that I hadn't seen yet, of course!), not the answer.

16. across - Trident carrier
---answer - NEPTUNE


there's something weird at work here. What connects these oddly related events? To clear things up, I'll present this Venn diagram:

it's all starting to come together now.